Thursday, November 25, 2010

Day Four: Thanksgiving

OK, overall I think I have done a fantastic job today keeping a positive attitude.  I have also done a fantastic job of staying away from my kids.  The power of my positive thinking is only as strong as my distance from my kids.   I did waiver during a few meltdowns and my exhaustion at the end of this evening really started wearing me down, but I pushed through and I think I did an excellent job.

The boys slept until 7:15 am today, which is truly a Thanksgiving miracle. Stella did not buy into the idea of celebrating the holiday with extra sleep and decided to wake up her usual two times, (did I ever mention that after those two nights of sleeping all night she reverted to her old habits...I see sleep training in my future again.)  Alex went to the grocery store for me, brought me Starbucks (a very big deal since the idea of paying $5 for a drink makes him want to vomit) and I even got to lie down for 45 minutes and read a book during rest time. Insanity.

The actual holiday at my sister-in-law's house was wonderful.  As usual, everyone prepared an array of amazing and delicious dishes which were very fun to eat.  I very intelligently wore my spandex jeggings so I would not be constrained and yes, I did look a little bit like I could be heading out to go clubbing after dessert, but what's Thanksgiving if not an excuse to wear the clothing I love but feel like an idiot wearing other times?  It's about gratitude and family and traditions?  No, clothing you want to wear.

The kids were all more or less one giant chaotic mess of joy and tears, but overall great.  Ok, Cole did spend the entire evening alternating between a whine and a full on cry until he was served a medley of pies and some cupcake thing that looked like a pilgrim, but after that he was happy.  Next year I think I am going to just start the boys off with a piece of pie so we can get straight to the joy.  I'm not actually going to withhold dessert if they don't eat that brussel sprout their aunt keeps making (which I find delicious, but to a kid is a VERY scary vegetable) so why not just skip the act?

As I put Aiden and Cole to bed tonight I was reminded that I have much to be thankful for right now.  The two of them are sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags, right next to one another.  Their mini bags and their joy at sleeping in a zippered blanket are just too cute.  Stella in her pack n play, sleeping with her fuzzy blanket square covering her entire head is adorable. (Except for my constant, periodic panic that she can't breathe and someday she'll suffocate doing something I think looks cute and that would just suck.) And even though I'm a little annoyed at my husband for staying to watch a football game instead of coming home with me, (I fully admit there is no reason for my annoyance and he should probably be annoyed at me for being annoyed...seriously, why does he like me, I sound ridiculous?) I am extremely thankful to have him. 

I can't ask for much more. Now on to Christmas celebrations...prepare for much discussion about my dread of our 22 hour car ride to Indiana for that holiday.  For now though, sleeping children and a well maintained positive attitude are present and I am feeling good.  Maybe I'll try to keep up the attitude all weekend?  But...I already admitted I'm annoyed with Alex for watching a football game, clearly I already need attitude assistance. 

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Anonymous said...

something can't be both constant and periodic.

Leslie said...

Agreed. I even paused when writing it but it made sense in my exhausted state and I couldn't think of how to change to it to make sense for the rest of you. I appreciate the productive comment though. Sounds like my Dad, my brother, or my english teacher are reading my blog and really focusing on the important parts. :)