Monday, November 29, 2010

Day Eight: Gym...Here I Come!

It's a big week for the Dadidakis Family.  In three days I turn 34 years old (pretty sure no one in the Dadidakis family cares, though I did hear Aiden and Cole discussing my birthday presents in the bathtub and let's just say I am not excited,) and Stella turns six months. Honestly it is a much bigger deal that Stella is turning six months than the fact that I have a birthday, but this year I am ok with that. Next year I refuse to celebrate her 18 month birthday instead of my 35th, but we'll work on that next year.  This year I am all about her six month celebration.  We will be celebrating it at 24 Hour Fitness.

I know, you are wondering if I think Stella is overweight and needs to work out? Do I think Stella could be a trainer and we could finally have a child that contributes to the financial health of this family?  Am I interested in feeding her the protein fuel powder rather than formula? I wonder if that would be cheaper?

No people, 24 Hour Fitness just offers a fantastic childcare option as soon as your child turns 6 months. This is huge! I can drop off all my children for up to 2 hours a day while I workout. My $30 per month membership offers 2 hours a day, six days a amazing 48 child free hours a month potential.  Oh sweet freedom! 

A little over a year ago I was going to the gym regularly.  The boys loved the play area and I loved the time to workout, shower and be alone.  I would meet friends for Pilate's classes or time my gym visit to coordinate with the air time of my favorite morning talk shows.  Even if I didn't feel like working out I could sit on the bike with a magazine or walk on the treadmill while watching TV or listening to my favorite hip hop music with explicit lyrics...without my children,.   (See what a good Mom I am?  I don't even let my kids listen to Dr. Dre, Kanye West or Eminem!)   Anyway, I could take a shower, dress and even put on makeup without anyone interrupting me....well, there were several naked women that made me very uncomfortable in the locker room, and that made my relaxing time a little more stressful, but I'll take an overweight naked woman's boobs next to me instead of two whining kids any day. (Has anyone else ever noticed that the women that are the most free with their nakedness are the ones that you most wish would throw on a towel or something?  What is going on with that?)

Oh yes, and there is that added benefit of me getting to exercise.  I am really a much better person all around when I am working out.  Endorphins and mostly time away from my children make me very happy.  It probably would help to firm everything up also.  I have had three children now....nothing is where it used to be.  Could there be some exercise for making my boobs not sag so much or evening them out?  I'll be sure to ask the front desk on day one, give the person working the membership sign in something to talk about with his or her friends. I will probably have to start wearing depends for all gym trips due to my inability to control my bladder when I have any sudden movement.  It will be worth it though! 

So come Thursday, you can wish me and Stella happy birthday and wish me happy 2 hours of freedom!


Jessica Honegger said...

yet another great reason to adopt! seriously- i am so excited I want have to wait for six months while the membership is on hold! AND- I won't be as fat by the time i get there:)

Lisa said...

I so enjoy your humor Leslie~