Saturday, November 13, 2010


Shortly after Stella was born I became infatuated with the idea of taking a family vacation.  Alex and I had never taken even a weekend away with just us and the kids and I really felt like we needed it.  This sounds simple enough, but Alex does not like taking days off work and I am perpetually frightened of breaking routine with my children, so getting away for even a night sounded challenging. 

I was determined that we were going to have some family time away though so we started brainstorming options. I quickly decided we should fly to Cape Cod, rent a beach house, ride bikes on the beach and have long lobster dinners on the ocean while a nanny watched our children...I even had aspirations of buying Alex those JCrew pants with the lobsters all over them, so fun.  Alex quickly decided we should drive to Galveston, stay for free at our family friend's beach house, walk to the beach, and make dinners at the house while our children ran around our feet....he didn't even seem to care what kind of pants he wore.  Ugh. For some reason, Alex's decision won.

So last Friday, we packed up an insane amount of stuff for three days and drove south.  We got about an hour into the drive and decided to stop for lunch at an adorable little pizzeria and sandwich shop.  The restaurant became increasingly less adorable to Alex as we waited 30 minutes for our food while our kids whined and started to do fun things like crawling under the table and sprinkling salt all over.  Despite the fact that the food was delicious, Alex grabbed all our stuff as soon as lunch was over, set it on top of the van, loaded the kids in and peeled out of the parking lot, exasperated with the long stop in our journey.  As I heard my blackberry, the kids game and some other mystery object fly off the roof of the van and land in the middle of the highway I realized Alex was desperately in need of this vacation, and some sort of patience intervention. (Side note...though this was a tragic end to the life of my blackberry, I am now the proud owner of an iphone.  I'd like to thank my husband's lack of patience and the people of Giddings, TX that drove over the blackberry for making this possible.)

So with our contact to civilization slightly more severed we proceeded toward our family vacation of  fun. A mere 5.5 hours after leaving our house we walked into our 800 square foot retreat.  Cole and Aiden were overjoyed. Cole even declared that we didn't need our old house anymore and now we could live there.  Umm...800  square feet for the 5 of us, plus Indiana the dog, we'll be departing after the agreed upon two nights.

Ask anyone in my family, I am a neurotic nut with anxiety pouring out of me about any and all trips that include my kids.  I am not a fan of the vacation with kids. I despise the way they stay up later, wake one another in the middle of the night, and rise earlier in the morning than they even do at home. It is simply painful for me.  I have no escape from them as nap times are missed and our daily activities actually revolve around being together, yuck.  I usually feel even more trapped by my kids while traveling with them than I do at home. 

So,imagine my surprise though when I found myself actually feeling relaxed and....wait, even happy while preparing a spaghetti dinner with all three kids around my feet, a whole hour past bedtime on the first night.  Things were getting crazy, and I felt fine.  It was wonderful to not have the pile of laundry to be done staring at me at all times.  I didn't worry about the grocery list, the bank account (ok, usually just a fleeting thought anyway, but still, it wasn't a concern,) or what was on our schedule.  Alex had horrible cell reception and actually didn't take a work phone call the entire time we were at the beach house.  (There was about an hour conversation while we were in town.  Baby steps people, baby steps.) 

I stopped and enjoyed watching how sweet my children are...and how quickly they are growing up.  It was so great to be away from our routine and we didn't even have any sleep problems.  Well, we didn't have any more than usual.  Cole did try to move a ladder from under his bed in the middle of the first night and ended up trapping he and Aiden in their bedroom so that Aiden was up crying, trying to get out at four am....but that's just a normal night for us. 

We will definitely be booking another family vacation...I'll keep lobbying for Cape Cod with a nanny and I'm sure Alex will have us back in Galveston, but either way it sounds pretty good.

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