Thursday, October 28, 2010

Pipe Down Ladies

After dropping off 20 juice boxes, a 10 pound pumpkin, a 5 pound bag of candy and two little boys at the preschool's fall festival day, I walked through the courtyard to load my 15 pound baby in my minivan.  As I walked into the parking lot I overheard a few ladies standing by the car next to mine complaining about how "some Moms" never sign up to volunteer at the school functions.  Their discussion went on to express great disappointment in the Moms that claim they have other things to do while their kids are in preschool so they can't stay for these events.  They wanted to know what was so important? Why couldn't people just get a sitter?  Why didn't they at least offer to bring more to the class? Why are some Moms so selfish?

Oh ladies, make me want to scream.  What the hell are you doing? 

Here's my quick, personal response to that.  I signed up to bring several things for the parties going on today and I had no problem doing it.  I used to volunteer for every event at the boys' preschool, because I could and because I didn't mind.  Now, I have a 5 month old that needs to nap and makes any outing difficult.  I can't imagine me having to help set up or orchestrate a fun filled day for preschools with her in tow.  A babysitter?  Are you kidding me?  I am cancelling cable today, $10 an hour for a babysitter to help so that you don't think I'm lazy and selfish?  Sorry, it isn't happening and I don't feel guilty.  Not at all.

Now, here's the bigger problem.  Ladies, please get your heads out of your asses immediately before your children hear you being this horrible and you create little horrible people that will run around the earth saying horrible things in parking lots that hurt people's feelings.  (Not mine, but I'm sure some Mom out there would naively take what they said to heart instead of writing an angry rant about them like they should.) The judgement rolling off these ladies was so thick I felt like wrapping it around their necks.  It was toxic to just stand next to them...and I felt a little sorry for them. 

Who has so little perspective as to not understand what another Mom or parent has going on that they can't sit around and string candy on fake fishing poles for 2 hours?  Or not understand that hiring a babysitter doesn't work into a family's financial options right now so that they can watch their children hunt for candy around a field of grass?  Can these women be so crazy that they truly can not think of one single situation that would make volunteering a non-option for a fellow parent?  Please run to your nearest therapist immediately, or please come see me so I can sarcasm your every comment until you at least feel uncomfortable. 

If you want to volunteer, please do so with joyful or not at all.  It is fun sometimes to be the parent there to help at those things.  If you do it because you feel like you have to or because you want to say that you did it and others did not, please skip over the construction paper sign up sheet and get back in your huge SUV to go to the mall.  (Wow, I feel cranky about this.)  Give other people a break. Can't we just give everyone the benefit of the doubt and assume that we are all doing the best we can?  The pumpkin, juice and candy was the best I have right now.  Maybe the Mom that didn't do anything other than drop her kid off and remind him or her to be kind today did the best she could today.  Maybe you are not doing the best you can if you think trash talking other parents in the church parking lot is the best use of your time today.  This whole parenting thing is difficult enough, let's play nice people. 

Wow, I feel better. 


Jessica Honegger said...

Ha! last year you were the model mom that made me feel guilty! I STILL haven't volunteered for any of these events at any school!

Leslie said...

Oh Jessica. If I made you feel guilty it was unintentional and at most a sarcastic comment, my apologies. My attempts to be funny are often landing the wrong way. These ladies were harsh, probably because they weren't talking to anyone in particular. If I were anything close to them I am pretty sure you wouldn't still be my friend. Wait...are you still my friend?

Sabra said...

How come when I posted on your blog, I didn't get any feedback. Time to start trash talking..

Leslie said...

I happen to be sitting at my computer rather than on my phone. My phone is impossible to repond to comments on so I often don't. Maybe you should buy me an iphone? I think that is the only way to solve this problem. Or maybe I'll dedicate a post to you in the near future to make amends? :)