Thursday, April 8, 2010

Why am I Infatuated with Teen Vampire Books?

I know, I know.... I haven't written in a while. I would like to say that I have been working on some important tasks or even busy getting ready for this baby (I have only mastered the job of making lists of what needs to be done, though no actual tasks have been completed.) But no, nothing productive has occurred.

I have been reading the Twilight series. Feel free to judge...but only if you have read them or attempted to read them. I think that they are just amazing. A fantastic, fun escape that I am very sad to have finished because I miss it so much. I tried to be embarrassed about reading them (particularly once I discovered that these books are located in the teen novel section of all retailers, usually next to a "Team Edward" t-shirt and a poster of some attractive, half dressed teen movie star posing as a lustful vampire or werewolf) but I truly love them. I really wanted to be purchasing some insightful new novel about changing the world vampire sex there is there? I read all four books in this series in less than 2 weeks and basically went to all extremes to ignore my children, my house, and my husband in order to do it. I wish there were more to read.

I do admit to being a little frightened at how enthralled I was with these books. I couldn't stop thinking about the characters. I first started thinking that there might be something wrong with me when I was peeing and talking to my husband at the same time and wondered if Edward and Bella ever did this. Or when I was talking to a friend about her marriage and I actually tried to use Edward's emotions toward Bella as a parallel in the discussion....oh no! But right before I called to schedule an appointment with my therapist, I found that all the women I talked to that had read them (with one or two exceptions) were just like me. Women I truly respect and admire were feeling just as infatuated with what happens to this crazy teenage couple and their team of vampire friends and family. I met a woman at Aiden's preschool that has always seemed very normal but has read these books three times and even has a group of friends that she reads with and has parties to discuss the books. What is going on?

For me, the joy of being lost in the fantasy of a good romance that never included anything normal like figuring out what to fix for dinner (Edward doesn't even eat human food of course) or how to get their kid to stop peeing in her pants (this was never mentioned in a single discussion between the parents in the it really not a problem at all?) was fantastic. I also never felt the need to cry due to some wonderfully written tragedy that usually would be involved in my set of go-to Oprah's Book Club classics. As a stay at home mom of two and 3/4 kids, it was wonderful to read a book that transported me somewhere else.

What was even more enjoyable was not feeling any sense of inadequacy about my reality in comparison to this story. Nothing is more exciting to me than something that reminds me that my feelings for my husband are pretty amazing and I'm extremely fortunate to have him. (Too bad for him that the reading of these books happened to be when I am 30-32 weeks pregnant and not really in the mood for any extensive displays of this attraction to him. Maybe I'll re-read when our daughter is one?) I did give him the opportunity to watch the two movies currently released on DVD with me and whisper periodically that he loves me more than Edward loves Bella (always required prompting, but I know he really meant it.)

Until the next movie is released this summer or another book is published in this series I have escaped the need to be thinking about these characters all the time, but I really do miss them. I think I am sane again, or as sane as I ever was prior to reading these. However, if you see me out with my giant belly and two little boys, and I have on one of those "Team Edward" t-shirts (because really there is no other team that makes any sense and to any of you Jacob fans, clearly you aren't reading the book properly) while I am re-reading one of these four books while ignoring my kids....try not to judge...but maybe gently suggest I call that therapist after all.

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Laura Haehl said...

I'm glad you have gotten back to 'normal'. It just takes time.