Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breastmilk Cheese? Seriously...

So, a friend of mine sent me a message the other day to let me know that she had read about a man making cheese from his nursing wife's breast milk. (I really appreciate that people think of me when reading strange commentary on things parents do.) First thing I did was google this man to be sure that I do not know him. I mean, the last thing I want is to have a friend that thinks this is ok and be served his maternal creation. (I suggest you do the same by the way, it wouldn't be a fun surprise.)

Ok, I don't even know where to start with how strange this is, but really should it surprise us? People are really crazy about all things related to their children and people's opinions on breast milk and nursing are no different. I don't personally know anyone that takes breast milk so far as to create food for adults with it (turns out the guy was some chef in NY that I had never heard of, thank goodness) but I do know that nursing is something that ignites a lot of fire in people.

A friend of mine is completely disgusted by the entire idea. She did not nurse her own babies and knew from the beginning that it just wasn't something she could handle. She wasn't going to do it and she didn't. I think this is fantastic.

Now, don't freak out breastfeeding fanatics (Mom). I completely, 100%, support breastfeeding if it is the right thing for you to do. I nursed both my children and plan to nurse the next one too, but it isn't the right thing for everyone and I wish that each new mom felt as confident in her personal choice as my friend that is nauseated by the idea of her baby using her boob for a bottle. I had zero confidence in anything other than nursing and went to great extremes to make myself extra miserable to be sure that my child had breast milk. I was so stupid.

In the long run I guess I am happy I nursed Aiden, but when I think back to what a wreck I was for the first week and a half of his life, I think I could have given myself a little break. I couldn't let go of the feeling that anything other than nursing wasn't the "best" for my baby and what kind of a mom would I be if I didn't give him the "best?" This is the root of much torture for Moms and I think new Moms are particularly prone to this evil and unhealthy line of thought. I know a lot of new Moms, like myself, that were willing to go to great lengths to make themselves miserable just so that they could say that they didn't give their baby the bottle.

Now on the flip side, I did have a woman tell me it was disgusting that I was nursing my child and that she hadn't nursed her kids and they were fine. Oh lady....shut up. You can't tell a Mom that. First, it isn't disgusting if I don't think it is disgusting. (Still stand by my friend being able to think that using her own personal boobs this way is gross is ok, it's her choice and she's never said it is gross for someone else to do it.) Second, using the, "I did or didn't do something with my children and they turned out fine," excuse is the most idiotic, unproductive and frankly usually insecurity displaying explanation to use on a new Mom. Finally, shut up lady.

I admit fully to not being excited to nurse my third child. (I was elated when my milk production stopped around 3 months with my second so I could quit without guilt and have my body back to myself.) I do want to nurse though and I will try...but I won't be putting myself through hell to do it.

No matter what your vote is in the breastfeeding thing, keep it to yourself and support the new Mom's choice. Maybe even go so far as to make her feel like she can change her mind...and that it will be ok. And never, ever, ever make cheese, ice cream, yogurt or any other dairy product from breast milk. It's just gross.

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You got that right Leslie!