Saturday, January 17, 2009


We have rats. Now, many people keep telling me they have had rats in their walls, their garage, their attic, and assume that we share some sort of common problem with these rodents. Unfortunately I feel zero sympathy for these people because I have rats in my house. Not in the walls, but rats eating bananas off my island and living in my chairs. I feel this is a completely different level of rat infestation.

A few mornings ago we actually had a rat scurry accross the kitchen floor and then dive into a chair where we later discovered it was hoarding dog food, and rat terds. My husband grabbed a 2x4 and chased the rat out of the chair and around the playroom. My three year old felt that taking a seat on the steps to watch the chase was the smartest move. As he plopped down with his snack cup, he cheered on his dad and periodically let us know where it was.

"There's a big one under the chair over there!"

Unfortunately Alex was unsuccessful in actually being able to make contact with the board and the rat. The exterminator came and patched all the holes into our house and set several traps to catch the ones which are now unable to exit our home. Two traps were set inside the house, under the sink and in the drawer under the oven....where more rat poop and prints were discovered. While opening the drawer to show my husband the location of the traps a rat was already captured. I can't explain how traumatic this has been.

I feel disgusting. I feel we need to move. I feel that I will never be able to use my oven again.