Thursday, November 13, 2008

Who Cares About the Trash Truck?

I just remembered a funny moment with Aiden this morning.

As we ran outside to see the trash truck pick up our trash Aiden turned to me to ask, "why isn't anyone else outside watching the trash truck?"

Good point Aiden. Why don't our neighbors care?

Aiden Lies, Hits, Screams...oh and so does Mommy

Aiden has been pushing me at every moment lately. It has been pretty rough.

Just yesterday I was in the other room while he and Cole were playing in the playroom. I heard Cole start his "I've just been hurt" cry and when I came into the room Aiden told me Cole had fallen over a basket. He was right next to the basket, but the way Aiden kept repeating, "he fell, Cole fell," was suspicious.

Since I didn't see it I left it alone and then about 45 minutes later Aiden was running his car on the floor and talking to himself. As I stopped to listen to what he was saying...."I say Cole fell, I pushed him. I say Cole fell on basket, I pushed him." Halarious. He was confessing to himself. When I asked him he immediately gave me the full story about pushing Cole because he was going for his car....of course.

In other Aiden moments...we have screamed for 30 minutes, "I want a cookie," while shopping at HEB then for another 20 strapped in his carseat in the parking lot while Cole and I hung out next to the car.

He clung to elliptical machines and treadmills while we were trying to leave the gym screaming, "I don't want to go home!"

My favorite was tonight when it took 45 mintues to serve one 3 minute time out for hitting me then hiding under our bed for 20 minutes yelling, "I am never-ever coming out."

Fun times here...drinking starts at 5 sharp.

I am a really good parent. I am a really good parent. I am a really good parent....