Thursday, August 7, 2008

When Did Summer Start to Suck So Much?

Don't you remember longing for summertime when you were a kid? No school, no plans, everyone around to just do whatever you felt like doing? It was so wonderful.

I decided earlier today that I officially hate summer now. Hands down it is the worst summer, especially here in Texas. Here are my primary complaints:

1. No school (or mother's day out for my kids) for months!
2. No new tv shows to watch
3. The unberable, constant heat that makes me wonder why more people aren't shot this time of year

I am honestly not sure I will make it the next two weeks until my children start back to their two -day a week mother's day out program. We are bored out of our minds with hours on end of unplanned time to do anything we want....unless it involves being outside between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm because we will melt. This is moving up to number one on my "Reasons We Should Pack up and Leave Texas List."

At night my husband and I are recording all types of crap shows on our dvr just hoping to have something to do after the kids go to bed other than talk....boring! I am ready for new, primetime shows that I can get excited to watch. To be honest I am taping, and actually watching, a soap opera and it is the most exciting thing in my sweaty, bored life right now. I actually found myself discussing the people in my soap opera (daytime drama) with my husband the other like they were real people. I was exhibiting genuine concern for a "character" on the show. What is going on? I think my brain is frying in this place.

Pray for fall! Pray for fall!

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