Monday, August 4, 2008

Oh, My Mom

So I have been battling with a virus stricken 11 month old and it has sucked. No one is sleeping much and the doctor basically told me I would just have to ride it out, nothing he could do for the baby. I want to punch him.

I tell my Mom that the doctor thinks it could be roseola, though in the middle of the night I am convinced I am being punished for something I did in my pre-kid life.

In response to that I get the following email which makes me want to drive to Indiana to punch my Mom:

"Roseola. You have got to be kidding me. Kyle had that and he never had a fever of 103."

This is my Mom's typical style of response to almost everything I have to say about my children. All her ideas about raising children are pretty much rooted in two basic beliefs.

First, if you were given guidance by a doctor, child care professional, etc. and it is not exactly what she instinctively would have told you, or found in her child rearing book from 1972, everything they say should be doubted if not disregarded entirely. Obviously their main objective is to try to screw me and my children over.

Next, she believes that all her experiences (or current memories of those experiences from 35 years ago) with my older brother as an infant are the baseline for all normal child behavior. If it didn't happen to Kyle then it is just ridiculous to think that it could happen to another baby.

Why can't I have a Mom that just says, "Gee honey, it sounds like things are tough for you there. I hope you and Cole start to get back to normal soon. Would you like me to fly down and babysit so you can go out?"

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