Friday, August 8, 2008

The Joy of Facebook

I feel I need to quickly express my gratitude to whoever put together Facebook. It is currently near the top of my favorite things in life, quickly crowding out my two kids and husband. I can not express in words the joy I get from this website.

First, I get to be reconnected to all sorts of people from my former lives. I have reunited with friends from my early childhood, high school, college, ex-boyfriends, work people, etc. I can't think of anything more exciting than to have someone come back into your life, even in this small way, that used to a huge part of your existence. It is comforting to know they are still out there, they are ok, and that they still think about you from time to time too.

Second, it is just plain entertaining to hear what people are doing in their daily lives. I love that I know that a girl I used to periodically talk to in high school is excited about her upcoming steak dinner. Random?....Yes. Entertaining?...Surprisingly so.

Now, my all time favorite thing about facebook is the feeling I get when someone I used to think of as "cool" asks to be my friend. This is absolutely juvenile, ridiculous and superficial but I will not pretend that I am not excited, no, make that elated when someone I wasn't even sure knew me, asks to be my friend. It is like a validation to my existence as a semi-cool, interesting person in this world. And despite the fact that I shouldn't care at all when someone that I barely knew 15 years ago, and now don't know at all, asks me to approve to let them look at my profile on some website, all that runs through my head is, "They like me! I am so cool."

Facebook rocks.


Sara Morris said...

You are and always will be the epitome of cool. I love the blog! I can't believe I couldn't find it with my advanced searching skills!

Skyla said...

I am recently a new member to Facebook (I know at least a year behind everyone else) and you're right! The best part is hearing from all of those people that you don't really care about anymore. They are a part of your life from 15 years ago, but it's so interesting to hear things in their life which in a lot of cases are pretty similar to my life (sleepless nights with children, potty training, husbands..). It's great!

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