Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Altercation with a 2 year old

I just had an altercation with my two year and I seriously feel like I need to go punch something. How can such a small person cause so much anger in me? I made the mistake of allowing him to skip his nap time and hang out with me a little longer....big mistake. He was out of control. He kicked over the laundry I was folding, threw our portable DVD player off the bed (yes threw it,) and hit me with an impressive amount of force twice. Where is Nanny Jo?

I think the reason I feel so angry is because I know that it is actually my fault more than his. Isn't that usually why we get so fired up about things like this? I know that I shouldn't have let him skip the nap since he needs it and so when it blew up in my face I felt like I was failing as a Mom. I know that in an hour this will be no big deal and we will all be fine but now I feel likeCPS should be called on me, my two year old is scarred for life by my erractic discipline and my baby is now headed for a very cranky afternoon as a result of being woken from his nap by the screams of his older brother.

I'm going to sweat in the park and watch my kids get dirty while I drink my $5 drink from Starbucks.

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